About Us

Parkour Association at the University of Virginia

John Lunsford
Momin Khan

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The current iteration of the Parkour Association at UVA was formed in the fall of 2011 by us, John and Momin  We had participated in the Parkour Association in our first year at UVA, but the club disappeared due to members graduating.  In the summer of 2011, we decided that we would try to get the club started up again, so we spent all summer training parkour so that we could try promote parkour to UVA and Charlottesville's residents.  We focused on creating many social connections using facebook, twitter, and youtube, and providing an inviting and fun experience for anyone to try so that our message spreads to as many people as possible.  For a couple of amateur traceurs who had no experience in running a club, we have been very successful.

Please check out our facebook page, twitter feed, and youtube videos to get to know us even better!

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