Constitution and Guidelines for the Parkour Association at the University of Virginia
September 29, 2007

Article I - Name

Parkour Association (PKA)

Article II - Purpose

The purpose of the Parkour Association is to promote the growth of parkour at the University of Virginia and to provide traceurs with necessary training.

Article III - Membership

All students at the University of Virginia can join this Association; this Association follows the University Non-Discrimination policy. Membership in the Association is based on a ten-dollar fee for procuring parkour training equipment. Members are required to participate in any fundraising and community service projects that the Association may perform unless prevented from doing so by extenuating circumstances. Failure to attend these functions must be explained to an officer in the Association or the member may be removed from the Association. Members may keep any Association paraphernalia paid for through fundraisers, such as shirts. Membership shall not be revoked unless Association officers decide it is necessary.

Article IV - Officers/Elections

Section I: Officers

President - the President of the Association shall be elected by the students in the Parkour Association. The President must organize funds and schedule activities. The President’s term shall be one year, and the President can only be removed from office through a unanimous vote from all Association members.
Executive Council - the Executive Council shall consist of five Association members including the President and shall assist the President(s) in deciding issues relevant to the team. The Council shall meet at least once per month. The President and Councilors may call for a meeting at any time. Until the end of the spring 2008 semester, the Council shall be appointed by the President. Upperclassmen shall take preference in Council membership. At the end of the semester, a new Council shall be elected by active team members. To remain an active councilor, a player must make every effort to attend meetings. Failure to do so will result in removal and replacement at the discretion of fellow Council members and the President.

Section II: Elections
Elections shall take place at the first official meeting of the Association. Candidates can nominate themselves or can be nominated by a motion and a second; this nomination occurs before the vote.  If the Association sees fit to remove an officer, the Association must have first: a nomination and a second to remove the officer. A unanimous decision to remove the officer from his/her respective office is required. At least 3/4 of active Association members must be present for this to occur. To be removed, the reason must be stated clearly and cannot be due to personal circumstances except due to conduct unbecoming of an officer. Such conduct, which includes verbal or physical attack on another member, is grounds for removal from any office, as well as membership in the Association.

Article V - Meetings

The Parkour Association does not have mandatory meetings.  There will be a group email list with which members can notify one another about parkour opportunities at other times during the week.

Article VI - Finance

Each member shall pay a nominal fee of 10 dollars per semester, and Parkour Association T-shirts will be sold as well. Other funding shall be organized and raised by the President and the Executive Council. Items that may need to be bought through fundraising and membership fees include shirts, Association paraphernalia, and training gear such as exercise mats.

Article VII - Liability

If any player is injured while participating in Association activities, it shall be covered by waivers signed by all the participants indemnifying the Association, Association officers, and the University of Virginia. Association members, University of Virginia, and its employees will in no way be held responsible for any injuries that may occur while participating in Association activities.

Article VIII - Amendments and By-laws

Amendments to the Association Constitution will require a 2/3 vote by the Executive Council and the President.

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